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The Reunion

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Reunion by Marina Martindale.


Gillian Matthews has become famous in the art world. All her hard work has finally paid off and her paintings are being sold in several prestigious art galleries. She expected her opening night at a Denver gallery to go flawlessly, but her perfect evening was disrupted when a man from her past suddenly appeared. Her long lost true love. The one man she never forgot, never got over, and never expected to ever see again. 

The Deception

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Deception by Marina Martindale.

 A string of misfortunes has left photographer Carrie Daniels penniless and desperate. When her former mentor, Louise Dickenson, steps forward to offer her a job as an art model for a private commission, Carrie has no choice but to accept. Things seem to be looking up when she meets Scott Andrews, but her friends soon realize that Scott isn’t who he appears to be, and Carrie’s luck goes from bad to worse when Louise’s photos of her fall into the wrong hands.  

The Journey

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Journey by Marina Martindale.


Cassie Palmer’s world is shattered when a car crash leaves her hospitalized and fighting for her life. Her husband, Jeremy, begins his own frightening journey after he meets Denise, one of Cassie’s nurses. He may not remember her, but Denise has never forgotten how he jilted her, years before. Jeremy mysteriously vanishes, leaving a grieving Cassie behind. As she struggles to rebuild her life, Cassie will discover that things are not as they appear.

The Betrayal

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Betrayal by Marina Martindale.


Emily St. Claire's world turns upside down when she discovers that her husband, Jesse, has been unfaithful to her. Determined to rebuild her life, she returns home to her father and pursues her life-long dream of becoming a concert pianist. As Jesse fights to win Emily back, her life will be shattered once again when an unforeseen tragedy forces him into an alliance with a corrupt police detective to frame her for a crime she didn't commit. While another detective, Kyle Madden, puts his career on the line to prove her innocence, the plot against her turns deadly and it may be too late to save her.

The Stalker

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Stalker by Marina Martindale.

 Rachel Bennett may have attended her ten-year high school reunion on a whim, but fate intervened once she saw Shane MacLeod. No longer the shy, gawky teenager she remembered, Shane has matured into a handsome and successful man, but her perfect evening ends when another man from her past suddenly reappears. Craig Walker had been her mentor until he became jealous of her talent and success. Now he intends to either have her, or destroy her at all costs. As Rachel’s family pressures her to take Craig to court, she can no longer ignore her nagging feeling that a tragedy is about to strike.  

The Letter

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Letter by Marina Martindale.


Stephanie Ellis thought Danny Woodruff was her soulmate, but her dreams of a happily ever after are shattered when she accidentally stumbles upon a cache of love letters from another woman. Convinced that Danny has cheated on her, a heartbroken Stephanie leaves him and soon meets Josh Ramsey. Handsome, talented and successful, Josh appears to be the perfect man, but Stephanie is unable to shake the nagging feeling that things are not as they seem.


The Scandal


After leaving the soap opera that made her famous, Lauren McAllen is offered a role in a major motion picture. But before the camera starts rolling, her dreams of success on the big screen shatter when the studio head is accused of wrongdoing. Unwittingly, Lauren is swept up in a major scandal that rocks Hollywood. Convinced that her career is over, Lauren creates a new life for herself in Colorado under a different name, but fate will intervene when an old friend unexpectedly appears at her door. 

Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Scandal by Marina Martindale.
Ebook and paperback edition book covers for The Scandal by Marina Martindale.

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